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Directory of over 88+ Bowflex Exercises

Bowflex Exercises

This website features over 80 different bowflex exercises that put together will help you exercise every muscle group in your body. Each exercise is fully animated, showing you the correct starting position as well as the movement involved and each is presented using easy-to-read textual instructions.

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History of Bowflex Exercises

History of Bowflex Exercises

The first bowflex home gym was introduced all the way back in 1986. Since then, numerous models and product lines have been introduced in order to better target people's objectives, specifications and wallet sizes.

The phenomenal success of the bowflex has spanned many copycats in the industry with every company trying to offer similar product lines. The Bowflex brand is currently controlled by a company called Nautilus, Inc. Note: this website is not associated with Nautilus, Inc. in any way.

Differences Between the Bowflex Product Lines

Differences Between Product Lines

Traditionally bowflex home gyms featured a flat bench that could be adjusted into an incline position as well (i.e. the part supporting the back could be raised to around 45 degrees). There were several options that you could get in order to expand the library of possible bowflex exercises, namely the lat tower and the leg extension.

When the Xtreme product line was introduced it featured an upright bench that could not be lowered to a horizontal position. The advantage this setup allowed was that it took less floor real estate, making it attractive to space-sensitive customers but at the cost of a reduction in the exercise library.

A significant shift in core design appeared when the Revolution-branded product line was introduced in 2006. This new product line parted ways with the traditional setup in that it used circular plates around a cam instead of the typical resistance bow-like rods setup that made the bowflex famous.

Benefits of Using Bowflex Exercises

Benefits of Using Bowflex Exercises

The advantages of using bowflex-branded home gyms over other types of fitness equipment are many. As is the case with other good home gym systems, the bowflex machines provide an all-in-one solution that allows you to exercise every muscle group in your body all in the convenience of one machine that is small enough to fit in people's homes.

The power-rod technology used by bowflex machines is unique and provides an easy way to select the resistance needed. Furthermore because power-rods get stiffer as you bend them they provide a nice way to increase resistance while doing an exercise.

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